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Cleaning Your Garden

Gardening is a great and productive hobby. The feeling of growing a variety of plants that you can also eat through your own effort is very rewarding. However, you should also know how to take care of your garden. Gardening is not only about planting seeds and watering plants but it is also about keeping your garden clean and decent.

Keep Your Garden Clean and Beautiful

Keep Your Garden Clean and Beautiful

One of the first things that you have to know is how to prune roots. Rest assured that it is an easy task and will not get you panting as if you had a rigorous exercise. There are actually three ways to go about pruning shrubs. Making a tree or plant suitable for transplanting purpose is one of the things that you can do. Not doing so in advance can be damaging to the poor shrub. Utilizing a spade with a sharp edge and making a straight cut around the perimeter of the shrub or tree is the first step. This cut should be at least sixteen or even eighteen inches from the plant’s roots and stalk.

On the other hand, the cut needs to be further away from the central stalk if the plant in question is bigger than a shrub. After doing so, you have to allow the plant to regenerate its damaged roots so that it can regain its vitality. Make sure that you water the plant and give it fertilizer thoroughly for a month or so.

Weeding is also one way of cleaning your garden though mulching has become a preferable option for gardeners these days. Weeding works better to keep young plants from being suffocated by the weeds. And last but not the least, keeping your garden cleans means making sure that there are no pests wander off to it. Keeping your plant under the good old sun for a period of time and preventing the accumulation of moisture are a sure way of keeping pests under control. Remember that gardening is not just about planting but also knowing how to keep them safe and clean.

How to Effectively Care for Plants

Not everyone is gifted with a green thumb but then again, it does not mean that they cannot attempt to develop one. Planting may appear to be a straight-forward and simple process but mind you, if it is not properly done, then the effort could be wasted. It can be discouraging to see plants that fail to grow properly but if you follow the right steps then you will succeed.

Caring for Your Indoor Plant

When you are growing indoor plant it is important to keep in mind that unlike outdoor plants, it does not have the means to filter the water. Since it sits on a pot, it can easily drown if given too much water. By giving them adequate water drainage, you will not risk watering them too much. Just put a couple of drain holes underneath the pot so that excess water can freely flow out of it.

You should also use indoor dirt rather than the standard outdoor dirt that outdoor plants usually use. And perhaps one of the most important things that you should make sure of is that the pot should be big enough for your plant. Remember, when you purchase indoor plants from shops, they are often placed on small pots. Make sure that once you get home, you put the plant to a bigger space. Plants tend to be healthier if they have more room to grow.