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What Is A Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower can be a very valuable tool in keeping your garden clean from debris, particularly fallen leaves when autumn comes around. Leaf blowers are handheld powered tools that are very handy for keeping a tidy lawn, patio, porch and balconies for that matter. A variety of leaf blowers are available from Skyland Equipment.

The usual design of a leaf blower includes an engine motor on one end and a long neck which funnels a blast of air. Consumer leaf blowers usually come with a shoulder strap and are generally more compact compared to industrial blowers that are designed backpack wise but heavier and bulkier. The latter also prove more comfortable to use and ergonomically friendly especially for prolonged use. Newer designs also incorporate various additions including a mulching mechanism, a receiving receptacle or a trash bin connection.

Leaf blowers make it possible to clean an area quickly as opposed to sweeping with a rake or broom. They also prove very useful in cleaning hard to reach areas such like gutters and areas behind furniture. Most blowers today also offer a vacuum feature that in a flip of a switch turns the leaf blower into powerful all purpose vacuum cleaner.

These innovative maintenance tools were invented in Japan in the 1970s. The earliest models did not become very popular due to the loud noise given out by the primitive engines that power the blowers. However, many models today are quieter due to better engine mechanisms as well as the availability of electric models. Blowers today have not only become quieter but the size and power of the tools has also improved. Some leaf blower models now also utilise rechargeable batteries which are highly advantageous as one would not be trailing a power cord anymore when using the blower.

Some cities have strict regulations regarding the use of leaf blowers due to their environmental impact, particularly the noise that they create, and in the case of petrol powered models, the emissions. In some communities the use of leaf blowers is completely banned, so if you are planning on getting one for home use, it would be a good idea to check your local city hall first.