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7 Ways To Success For Women Small Business Owners

As a woman, you must be very proud to have your own business. In a world that was dominated by men for so long, this is truly a triumph. Now that the business is open, how can you become successful?


Be Firm and Strong

Unfortunately, men might still try to take advantage of you, especially when it comes to negotiations. Do not back down, and do not be intimidated. Show that you are a strong and proud woman who will do what she wants to achieve the goals for her small business.

Hire a Diverse Team

Sometimes, women become very caught up in the fact that they are strong women, and they hire only female employees. Try to break away from this stereotype. By hiring both males and females, you’re showing that you are an employer who is open to everyone and that your main priority is the success of the business, not making a political statement.

Use Your Intuition

Men and women are different in quite a few ways, and women tend to have stronger intuition in general. Now, you still absolutely must use your head, but remember, God gave you a head and a heart so use them both. If a business deal, meeting proposal or other component of the business doesn’t feel right, don’t go through with it.

A Target Audience

Do not assume that your target audience must only be women simply because you are a woman yourself. Look at all of the demographic factors of your intended client when you are deciding for whom to market. This decision and target audience tactics are major ones when it comes to your success.

Hone Your Math Skills

Through some studies, it has been shown that men tend to be better at math than are women. Do not let this stereotype take over your business. Instead of leaving all of the financial happenings to the men in the company, take charge of the budget yourself. After all, this is your business.

Balancing Family Life

As a woman, you may feel that your primary obligation is to the children, and it’s not wrong to feel like this. However, if you put too much time into one area of your life, the other ones could start to suffer. Furthermore, creating a balance is essential because if you spend too much time on one component, you could start to feel spite toward it, and it may fall apart. Consider renting a virtual office space for a prestigious business address in the CBD and you can keep working from home to fulfill your family commitments.

Delegate Tasks

Do not think that you must make a huge statement about feminism by completing all of the tasks by yourself. Be aware of what you can do and what you cannot do. Delegate the other tasks to other individuals in the company.

Success is something that all business owners want to have. As a woman, consider your unique strengths and weaknesses when creating this path full of opportunity and potential.

Written by Beth Gadd
Beth runs a small business in IT related field. She operates at home while also has her virtual serviced offices set up recently.