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How To Protect Your Furniture When You Are Moving

Moving is an exhausting experience and the last thing that you want to happen as you move is to find out that one of your beloved furniture has been damaged. So how do you go about keeping your furniture from getting damaged?

protect furniture

  • Invest in Tools: While it is common knowledge for you to buy a number of boxes having a specific measurement as well as employing the services of Vancouver movers, it is always a great decision to invest in other supplies that can be handy for the entire move such as packing tapes, bubble wraps, sofa and mattress covers, plastic stretch wrap, sealable plastic bags, and corrugated cardboard sheets. You will be surprise as how these tools and accessories can make the entire experience easier.
  • Cleaning: Before you even start packing your things, take your time in thoroughly cleaning your furniture. Those debris and dust that have accumulated in some corners of the furniture can potentially scratch the surface of the furniture while in the process of moving. But what makes this even better is that cleaning your furniture prior the move means that you will spend less time cleaning when you move to your new home.
  • Dismantle: Surely you do not want to carry the whole dining table as it is right? It would be a wonder if you are able to force it out of the front door. That is why dismantling your furniture comes next once you are done cleaning them. This makes it easy for you and moving contractors like expert moversto carry your furniture into their truck and to your new home.
  • Wrap Everything:Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are some of the most efficient tools that you can take advantage of when it comes to wrapping and moving your furniture safely into your new home. Bubble wrap is often used to protect delicate wood pieces while plastic wraps are often used to protect upholstered furniture. Even blankets can be used to keep some of your furniture away from the risk of getting damaged.

Always prioritize the safety of your furniture because buying new furniture to replace broken ones can be costly.

Different Ways to Protect Your Furniture

Your furniture is as much an investment as your own house is. It is an extension of your home, and is used every single day and therefore prone to wear and tear. So it is only proper that you give them the proper care they deserve.

Garden Furniture

But what can one do to help prolong your furniture’s durability and overall condition to help keep your furniture looking good as new and last for a long time?

Use Wraps and / or Pads when moving furniture in or out

One easy way of dinging and ruining your furniture is when you move them in our out of your home. It can get caught on walls, doors, and other obstructions and can cause marks and scratches on the wood or leather. For small furniture, use industrial wraps (much like the cling wrap you have in your kitchen). For bigger furniture use pads similar to those you see in the gym to wrap your furniture or the surfaces where you’ll be passing furniture through.

Clean your furniture frequently 

No need to use cleansers or cleaning sprays. Just wipe with a dry rag or dust off your furniture once or twice a week, or more frequently if you can. Once in a while when scuff marks appear or when there’s accidental spillage, you can use a mild cleanser or just a plain wet rag or towel to wipe off, then dry off with a dry towel.

Use furniture covers 

Especially outdoors, it is wise to invest in special patio furniture covers to keep your lawn furniture protected from the heat, rain, and pets. Most patio furniture covers come with garters that ensure a perfect and snug fit to avoid getting blown off by the wind. Think of them as insurance for your outdoors furniture.

Furnishing Your House Through Used Furniture

Furniture can be expensive these days and with the current economy, not everyone has the budget to spend for it especially if they have other financial priorities. However, it does not have to end there. You can still furnish your house using second-hand furniture. It may sound ridiculous or cheap but then again purchasing used furniture has its benefits such as:

  • Helps You Save Money: Saving every penny you can these days is very important and if you could get yourself some decent furniture without having to spend a huge amount then it is good.
  • Better for the Environment: Getting second-hand furniture gives you the opportunity to re-use old materials. This means that in a way, you do not contribute in purchasing new furniture which requires more logs to be cut down in the wilderness. You also become a proponent in recycling.
  • Guaranteed Genuine: Unfortunately, some furniture these days tend to be questionable in terms of how they were made and how good their quality is as most situations in the overseas.
  • Old Or Vintage Furniture Have Durability: Most vintage furniture are sturdier and well-constructed compared to most present furniture.

Refurbished Chair - Home Furniture

Some people have the impression that looking for old or used-furniture leads to an antique find which can potentially cost you a fortune. The good news is that there are places out there where you can find good furniture without having to pay a big amount.

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Shop for Furniture in Online Stores

Furniture styles are as plentiful as people out there who try to make their homes cosy and elegant at the same time. It is very important to pay attention to what designers are praising at the moment and what is trending and hot. But it’s also important to look at affordable Instyle Furniture that can suit any budget, big and small out there. With the help of dining room furniture that is stylish and comfortable it is possible to achieve truly amazing effects that can make your home stand out from others. Color coordination is important in this respect and you should always make sure you know which shades to go for in order to achieve the best results ever. It is important to look at living room furniture and find a style that is most suitable for your home and your character. This way you can make sure it all works out for you.

Living Room Furniture

Online Furniture Shopping Helps You Save

Furniture shopping can be a lot of fun if you shop online the privacy of your home and have a chance to do what you want to do best. There are great opportunities for you to make it big and find great bargains if you are looking for amazing results of your work with minimal effort. It is very important to go to FurnitureByDuval and see what’s out there for you to make use of. There are plenty of great ideas for families starting out to fill their homes with great furniture. So make sure you look at all modern wardrobes that are available and try to fit in the model you have in mind into the concept of your home. It pays off to do a lot of research in order to see all your projects achieve completion. So make it your major goal to get the best modern coffee tables which can make your home stand out.

Get a Barbecue this Summer

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