How To Mop Effectively

One of the most important things that you should learn is how to mop the floor effectively. Since the floor often gets dirt due to shoes walking on it and or pets walking on it, it is necessary that you are able to clean this properly.

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is to clear everything in the area where you are planning to mop. You will not be able to mop when there are various forms of obstruction scattered. Just keep in mind that if you plan to clean these furniture or obstructions, make sure that you clean them first so that any dirt or debris which falls on the floor can be cleaned when you start mopping it. Also make sure that no one walks on the area where you plan to clean, the same with pets. 

Step 2: Once everything is cleared, you can sweep or vacuum the floor. This is important because mopping the floor alone is not enough to clear any solid particles such as hair, dirt, crumbs, and other similar objects. 

Step 3: If you have a cleaner then you can use it and then put it on a bucket and fill it with sufficient warm water, enough to cover the head of the mop. Keep a portion of the bucket empty so that you have space where to dip the mop into and be able to keep the wringer out of the water. It should be built along with the bucket. Also make sure that you are familiar in using the cleaner, if not, it will not take much time to check the instruction manual for details. You also have the option of using an ordinary dish-washing detergent and pouring it on the water. 

Step 4: Dip the mop inside the bucket with the cleaning solution and allow it to absorb enough of it until it loosens up and then wring the excess solution from the mop so that it will not be that wet when you start mopping the floor. You should start in one corner of the room and clean the area surrounding it rather than jumping from one area to a farther area. Make sure that you exert a bit of effort and pressure in it when you are already mopping. If you see the mop looking dirty then it is about time that you dip and wring the mop again inside the bucket with the solution. If an area has persistent dirt in it, then mop it again as necessary. 

Step 5: Avoid stepping in areas that you had just recently mopped. Also keep in mind that dirt clinging in your shoes will cause the parts where you are stepping on to be muddy so it is necessary for you to mop them again. Give the areas which have been recently mopped enough time to dry thoroughly. It would be more effective if you are to open the windows or increase ventilation within that area. Once everything is done, you can now return those furniture or items back to where they were originally.

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