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How to Turn Your Home Into an Eco-Friendly Haven

The home you live in should be safe for both you and the environment. Unfortunately, a lot of the homes built today are the exact opposite. They emit harmful toxins into the air that damage the ozone and the health of its occupants. Over time, it can lead to all sorts of health problems, including infertility and respiratory problems. If you’re on the market for a house or want to make improvements to your home, then you should have eco-friendliness in mind. The following are some of the different ways you can enhance your home into a green one.

Eco Friendly Home

Build with Natural Materials

The materials your home is built with can be made with impure materials that are filled with contaminants like formaldehyde and lead. You need to make conscious buying decisions when renovating the walls and floors in your home. Everything from the plywood to the paint should be eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets. There are a variety of companies that have products that are designed for this very purpose.

Choose Hardwood Over Carpet

Many of the carpets used in homes today are contaminated with chemicals like formaldehyde and artificial dyes. These toxins are released into the air of your home, making it toxic to breathe. Natural hardwood floors like oak, bamboo and cedar can be used for the floors instead. These should be finished with natural products, otherwise your efforts are pointless. Wooden floors can be placed throughout the home, including the living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Have Plants Throughout the Home

Air purifiers are great, but there’s nothing like having natural air purifiers in your home. Plants act as filters for airborne particles and toxins in the air. Unlike with mechanical air purifiers, also improve the air, providing more oxygen and other benefits. Certain plants can help keep bugs away, improve sleep and help with asthma. Some of the plants you want to consider include parlor palm, spider plant, snake plant and peace lily, to name a few. Place your plants throughout your home, in the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and living areas. Make sure they get plenty of light and water.

Choose Non-Lead Paint

If you’re going to redo the paint inside and outside of your home, then make sure it doesn’t contain lead. This is especially important if you have young children. Chipped paint can be consumed by little crawlers, which puts them at risk of poisoning. Lead is known to cause all sorts of adverse affects, so it should be avoided at all costs. You can opt for green paints made by eco-friendly companies. There are more and more color varieties becoming available, so your options aren’t limited.

Add More Windows to Your Home

The winter months can get very cold, depending on where you live in the nation. You can offset your power bill in the cooler months by installing more windows, so that more sunlight can get in and warm up your home. This also adds plenty of natural lighting, which means less lights that need to be operated during the daytime. If you have a smart thermostat, you can use your Microsoft computer or smartphone to create settings so that it doesn’t turn on until right before you come home.

Tips When Dealing With Termites

Having termites in your home can really be troublesome and frustrating. Since their primary food is wood, termite colonies are often found in homes. Furthermore, they are also fond of eating papers, books, insulation and even go as far as feasting on filtration systems. In fact, they are considered household pests and can cause as much as billions of dollar damage in a given year. However, it does not mean that you cannot do some preventive measures like:

  • Moist often attracts termites and by keeping your home from being moist is a good start. Trimming the bushes and trees near your home and clearing the gutters of any water is also advisable.
  • Make sure that you dispose any wooden materials outside your house. Leaving them outside can attract termites which may potentially lead them to your house.
  • Having wooden structures touching the ground is not advisable because termites living underground can crawl up to it and eventually invade your home from there. If you are to put a wooden structure, make sure that it is at least six inches above the ground.
  • Use woods which are resistant to termite assaults like juniper, red wood, cedar and or bamboo. Though termites can still eat through them, they are not fond of eating these kinds of woods.
  • And perhaps the most important is hiring/employing the services of termite control professionals. They know how to handle this kind of situations and can give you sound advice on which termite control equipment you can take advantage of.

You should take the possibility of termite infestations in your house seriously because you may not know it but you might find your most treasured furniture being eaten down.

Five Biggest Diet Secrets from Your Mum’s Generations

People were slimmer 30 years ago than they are today. Have you ever wondered why most of the people in your mum’s generation stayed so slim? They most likely used some of these diet tips:

Do Not Eat After 8 p.m.

In the past, many people ate their meals before 8 P.M. because they believed that late night eating would lead to weight gain. Modern studies done to test the claim that eating late could lead to weight gain have been conflicting. Some studies say that eating late does cause weight gain while others say that the time that one eats does not have an effect on weight gain.

However, researchers have found that many obese people eat over half of the calories after 6 p.m. People who eat late have a tendency to overindulge, which is why many still believe that eating late can cause weight gain. It is not feasible to eat dinner before 8 p.m. every day, but you should try to eat your heaviest meals earlier in the day.

Do Not Shop When You Are Hungry

This is an old school diet trick that many experts still recommend today. If you shop when you are hungry, then you are more likely to select from the junk food aisle. That is why you should eat a small meal before you decide to go grocery shopping.

Drink A Full Glass of Water Before You Eat A Meal

There have been a number of modern studies done to prove that drinking water can help people lose weight. However, people in your mum’s generation had already discovered the amazing benefits that come along with drinking water. When you drink a glass of water before you eat, you are less likely to overindulge because water helps you feel full.

An Apple a Day

Eat A Small Snack Or Meal Before You Go to A Party

Parties typically do not have the healthiest food choices available. That is why you should consider eating a small meal or snack before you go to a party. People used to do that during your mum’s generation.

Eat An Apple A Day

This is a tip that has been around since before your Mum’s generation. Apples are filled with fiber, so they can help you maintain your body weight. They are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Furthermore, apples contain pectin, which helps reduce cholesterol.

Sometimes, the old school way is still the best way. Your mum’s generations did have cosmetic surgery such as botox and lipodissolve to rely on. Followed the aforementioned tips, and most of them were able to stay slimmer than many of the people today.

Written by Sonya Kelsy

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