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Efficient Gardening Tools You Shouldn’t Miss

Having and taking care of your own garden is a rewarding hobby. That said, it’s important that you properly maintain it if you expect to reap the fruits of your labor and this means having the essential gardening tools. While it can be confusing to choose from a wide selection of gardening equipment available, here are a few tools that you should not miss:


best gardening tools

You can never go wrong with this one. There are different kinds of shovels such as:

  • Round Point: This works best when you’re digging, lifting, and throwing. The rim above the shovel blade lets you add foot pressure when digging for holes.
  • Square Point: This shovel is great when you’re trying to move dug soil from one place to another. This tool has a larger variant and is aptly called a scoop.
  • Sharpshooter: This small, compact shovel with a long, narrow, and curved blade is efficient in digging in hard clay soil. Furthermore, it can be sharpened unlike a traditional shovel.
  • Kombi: This looks similar to a typical katana or Japanese long sword. It has jagged edges, which is great when you are digging in compacted soil or when you are trying to cut through roots. 


They look similar to shovels except that they are smaller and they have a flatter blade. Like shovels, they come in various shapes:

  • Garden: If you are looking into cutting, digging, edging, and lifting sods, then this is the tool for you. Their square-point shape lets them cut through soil and root, letting you clear a soil area faster.
  • Drain/Trench: These tool lets you work in restrictive spaces thanks to its long and narrow head and handle. They are great for removing bothersome weeds, making them one of the best weed killers. They are also good for digging holes for transplanting flowers and vegetables.


Rakes come in many shapes and styles and have hand-like appearances, which offers hand-dexterity but to a bigger area. There are a couple of them to choose from such as:

  • Leaf: They have a flexible steel or polytines that are good for cleaning yard debris from grass. You can also use them to move leaves, grass clippings, and other litter.
  • Shrub: They make good options for tight and small spaces.
  • Thatch: You can rely on these to scratch into turf and remove thatch.
  • Garden: There are two kinds of garden rakes: Flat and bow. Flat garden rakes have a T-shaped head attached directly to the handle for added strength. A bow garden rake, on the other hand, has its head supported by two curved steels. These are efficient gardening equipment when you are removing debris or working the soil for planting. 

Garden Cart 

A garden cart or wheelbarrow lets you transport gardening equipment or supplies from one area to another. It is easy to move around, letting you save time and energy. This can be anything from saplings, flowers, or vegetables. You can rely on them to help you maintain your garden, especially when you are working on a landscaping project.


This tool looks like a rake and is made to scratch the soil either before planting or to scratch the area surrounding the plants while they are growing. They come in long and short handles.

Storage Container 

While not necessarily a tool in itself, this lets you keep your gardening equipment safe from the elements. Many of them are made of durable and waterproof plastic material. In addition, this will let you access your gardening tools conveniently, saving you the hassle of looking for misplaced items.


They come in a wide selection of styles and with varying numbers of tine sizes, depending on the material you are looking for. There are two kinds of fork available:

  • Hay: This tool has round tines. They are useful for moving large amounts of large materials like compost, mulch, and hay.
  • Spading: This come with flat tines contrast to a hay fork. Its design makes it an efficient tool for turning soil, lifting plants or bulbs, and segregating perennials. 

These are only a couple of gardening equipment that you can use to make your gardening experience more convenient and rewarding. Knowing the options available to you will help you keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy.


The Basics of Beautifying Your Barren Lawn

A dull and barren lawn could somehow influence your mood for the day. Just imagine waking up every morning and you’d be welcomed by such an unpleasing sight. Surely, you would feel lifeless as well and you might bring it at work. Seeing greens along with your newly installed driveway gravel is a great idea.

If you’re worried about not having the magical green thumb, then you can make use the majority of your humongous space into a permeable paving and just place some full grown flower beds on the sides or perhaps bushes.

Lawn Beautification

See to it that you already know the things that you want to see in your front and back yard. Each home owner has their own preferences when it comes to garden landscaping and paving. Others would want to walk along fresh and well trimmed grasses while some would want the hard and solid ones placing all the plants on the sides.

You should also familiarize the wind patterns in your place as well as the angle of the rays of the sun. You might want to transform your lawn into a grilling space wherein you host barbeque parties or similar events. If the wind blows hard in that area, then it isn’t a perfect place to grill anything. The rays of the sun would also matter. Make sure that your fully transformed mini-nature-park lawn won’t be receiving the longest sun exposure until it sets because it won’t be suited in the afternoon wherein people would most likely relax and sit outside. Nobody would want to face the sun the entire and get sun burned.

If you don’t how to start the beautification of your yard, start looking at home magazines or perhaps search the internet on unique garden landscapes and from there you will get an idea on how you would like your yard to look like. You consult a professional landscaper or watch do-it-yourself videos if you really want to do it on your own.

What Is A Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower can be a very valuable tool in keeping your garden clean from debris, particularly fallen leaves when autumn comes around. Leaf blowers are handheld powered tools that are very handy for keeping a tidy lawn, patio, porch and balconies for that matter. A variety of leaf blowers are available from Skyland Equipment.

The usual design of a leaf blower includes an engine motor on one end and a long neck which funnels a blast of air. Consumer leaf blowers usually come with a shoulder strap and are generally more compact compared to industrial blowers that are designed backpack wise but heavier and bulkier. The latter also prove more comfortable to use and ergonomically friendly especially for prolonged use. Newer designs also incorporate various additions including a mulching mechanism, a receiving receptacle or a trash bin connection.

Leaf blowers make it possible to clean an area quickly as opposed to sweeping with a rake or broom. They also prove very useful in cleaning hard to reach areas such like gutters and areas behind furniture. Most blowers today also offer a vacuum feature that in a flip of a switch turns the leaf blower into powerful all purpose vacuum cleaner.

These innovative maintenance tools were invented in Japan in the 1970s. The earliest models did not become very popular due to the loud noise given out by the primitive engines that power the blowers. However, many models today are quieter due to better engine mechanisms as well as the availability of electric models. Blowers today have not only become quieter but the size and power of the tools has also improved. Some leaf blower models now also utilise rechargeable batteries which are highly advantageous as one would not be trailing a power cord anymore when using the blower.

Some cities have strict regulations regarding the use of leaf blowers due to their environmental impact, particularly the noise that they create, and in the case of petrol powered models, the emissions. In some communities the use of leaf blowers is completely banned, so if you are planning on getting one for home use, it would be a good idea to check your local city hall first.

Backyard Design Ideas For Small Inner City Units

If your outdoor space is nothing more than a tiny fenced backyard in an inner city, it can still look as beautiful as that of a larger unit. Even though the small space makes it easier to decorate, there may be some challenges if you want to place a swimming pool or a jungle gym for the children in the backyard.

Grassy Backyard

Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard

When it comes to landscaping in a small space, there are several options. Depending on the amount of space you are dealing with, you could plant a small flower or vegetable garden. If there is not enough space, you can make container gardens. Container gardens are very easy to start and quite easy to care for. Simply fill plant boxes or large flower pots with potting soil. You can start the gardens with seeds, or for a faster result, you can pot young plants which have already started to grow into the planters. If you intend to mix different types of plants in one pot or plant box, be sure that these plants are compatible with each other.

How to Use Pavers in a Grassy Backyard

For an all-grass backyard, use large pavers to give you and your guests a place to walk without disturbing the grass. Place them in a straight pattern from the back door to the end of the backyard. Concrete pavers, brick, flagstone, or other types of stone can be used. You can also install enough to actually create a sidewalk between both sides of the grass. If you are using this method, be sure to grout the seams between the stones or bricks to give it a finished look.

Water Fountains as Landscaping for a Small Backyard

Water fountains come in many styles and sizes. No matter how small your backyard is, there is a style that will fit in with your landscaping. If your backyard is extremely tiny, there are fountains that can be placed on the wall. Water fountains add a touch of beauty and romance to your entire backyard setting.

Furnishings for Your Small Backyard

Even the tiniest backyards have enough space to add a comfortable seating area. You can place a small bistro set in a cozy corner of your backyard. If you have an outdoor deck, you can probably add even more seating. A glider or swing set will add more seating to the space, if you have enough room for them. A small gazebo or large umbrella will help keep you and your guests dry on rainy days.

The Small Backyard on a Hill

If you have a house on a hill, and you may have special challenges when it comes to decorating your backyard. Do not worry, there is a solution for that, too. A mixture of succulents, and hardy tropical plants that can withstand colder winter temperatures will make lovely clusters. Make several clusters going down the slope of your backyard. Place gravel or colored stones between the clusters for a stunning effect.

Written by Lachlan G.

Lachlan runs a construction business for his dad. Being a newcomer in the industry Lachlan has quickly acquired some great product knowledge, ranging from choosing the right steel suppliers, mild steel processing, to the latest green technology for building eco homes. Lachlan loves DIY and spends most of his weekend in his workshop.

The Advantages of a Greenhouse

Wintertime is not a favorable time for most plants since most of them are not getting sufficient sunlight. At the same time, plants tend to wither and die in the process due to extreme cold temperature. This is where utilizing a greenhouse can be effective. A greenhouse is a structure that is often covered with various materials such as a plastic or glass proof.

Greenhouse at Home

The great thing about greenhouses is that they easily heat up since solar radiation goes through the glass and in turn nourishes the plants. Since they are inside this structure, they are protected from the harsh weather, especially during winter season. The warm air is retained within the structure due to the heat of surfaces inside. On the other hand, the plants as well as the structure redistribute a portion of their thermal energy throughout the place. Since the glass is partly opaque, the energy generated is then trapped within the confines of the greenhouse, keeping the plants warm.

Since the greenhouse offers a lot of space, you can always put your plants inside. You can even grow exotic plants in your greenhouse. It has so many advantages and having near your outdoor garden can be very helpful especially when the colder months come.

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Decorating Your Garden Without Spending as Much

Decorating your garden adds character and color to it. Though there is nothing wrong in just keeping your garden as it is without much decoration, adding more to it can occasionally impress guests. Remember, people sometimes tend to associate how clean and decorative a place is to the person who owns them. This also tells them if the person is creative and or someone who cares about impressions.

However, you do not need to spend much when you are decorating your garden. There are alternatives available which you can definitely go for if you are concerned about your budget. One of the first things that you may consider is putting some candle lighting in your garden. Not only does it brighten up the mood in your garden, it also adds some romantic atmosphere to it. Furthermore, supplies of candles can last for a month. And this keeps you from paying more towards electricity since you are utilizing candles rather than light bulbs in your garden. You can never go wrong as well with using scented candles.

Elegant Garden Torches by

Elegant Garden Torches by

There is also the option of utilizing standing torches. Like candles, this helps you save electricity. You easily purchase these from any garden store nearby and the oil to keep them burning is also affordable. You can also go for rice lamps. Rice lamps are popular in Asia and you can hang them on the branches of trees or any high structure. Not only do they illuminate your garden well but it also gives that fresh atmosphere in your garden.

You also have the option of checking various products online. Some shops online may offer you discounts and bundles which can be very affordable for you. Remember, your garden should not only be that stereotypical garden but rather, it should be a place which also represents a part of your character.

How to Make Your Garden Fit For a Romantic Evening

Your garden can be more than a place where you plant your favorite flowers and seeds; it can also be a great place to spend a romantic evening with someone. However, in order to do so, you will have to muster all the creative juices that you can. Remember, the place also helps establish the mood of your date and if done properly can be very rewarding.

The first thing that you have to do is clean your garden. It may sound simple but if you want your garden to appear inviting and cozy, you have to make sure that it is properly kept. You can also put a hammock where you can relax yourself. You can even have your date sleep on it during those romantic moments. Simply tie it between trees and poles and it should work.

Romantic Garden

You also have the option of putting an outdoor fountain as part of your garden decoration. Various statues can also be placed around your garden but keep the number to a minimum. You can also put ornamental floras such as orchids and bonsai plants which contribute to the beauty of the garden which can also establish a fresh dating atmosphere. If you are running out of ideas, you can always get in touch with some landscape designers for advice so that you can better impress your would-be date the next time she visits your place. Once you are done with the garden, maybe you could try some Stafford dating next time.

Cleaning Your Garden

Gardening is a great and productive hobby. The feeling of growing a variety of plants that you can also eat through your own effort is very rewarding. However, you should also know how to take care of your garden. Gardening is not only about planting seeds and watering plants but it is also about keeping your garden clean and decent.

Keep Your Garden Clean and Beautiful

Keep Your Garden Clean and Beautiful

One of the first things that you have to know is how to prune roots. Rest assured that it is an easy task and will not get you panting as if you had a rigorous exercise. There are actually three ways to go about pruning shrubs. Making a tree or plant suitable for transplanting purpose is one of the things that you can do. Not doing so in advance can be damaging to the poor shrub. Utilizing a spade with a sharp edge and making a straight cut around the perimeter of the shrub or tree is the first step. This cut should be at least sixteen or even eighteen inches from the plant’s roots and stalk.

On the other hand, the cut needs to be further away from the central stalk if the plant in question is bigger than a shrub. After doing so, you have to allow the plant to regenerate its damaged roots so that it can regain its vitality. Make sure that you water the plant and give it fertilizer thoroughly for a month or so.

Weeding is also one way of cleaning your garden though mulching has become a preferable option for gardeners these days. Weeding works better to keep young plants from being suffocated by the weeds. And last but not the least, keeping your garden cleans means making sure that there are no pests wander off to it. Keeping your plant under the good old sun for a period of time and preventing the accumulation of moisture are a sure way of keeping pests under control. Remember that gardening is not just about planting but also knowing how to keep them safe and clean.

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Barbecue for Summer

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