August, 2013

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How to Keep Your Family Safe While Traveling

Heading off for a well-earned vacation with the family is always a fun and exciting time as you look forward to a trip that has been many weeks or months in the planning.

Amongst all the things that you have to remember to do in preparation for your trip, make sure that you set aside a little bit of time to make sure that you pack what you might need in an emergency and also take steps to ensure your house is safe and secure while you are away.

Medical supplies 

If you have a child that needs regular medicines or suffers from allergies then you will already be aware of certain medical supplies that are essential for your journey. In addition to any regular prescriptions that you regularly carry around with you also think about packing some additional medical supplies that could come in useful.

Put together a basic medical kit back that includes items such as bandages, kid’s medicine for headaches or a high temperature and maybe something that could deal with minor cuts or stings if they get into a scrape while you are away.

Protecting your property 

Home Security - Protect Your HomeA property is far more vulnerable when it is empty for a period of time and the last thing that you want to do is spoil a great vacation by finding out there has been a problem while you were away or that you have been burgled.

Consider fitting a monitored home alarm supplied by a company like so that someone else is watching over your property and possessions while you are away having a good time.

Having an alarm system which is being remotely monitored 24 hours a day means that if there is any sign of an intruder or a fire alarm is activated, the alarm company can arrange for the emergency services to attend and check that everything is ok on your behalf.

Other steps to protect your property 

You can take steps to reduce the risk of an intruder targeting your property while you are away by making sure that you make the house appear to be occupied even when you are away.

Fit some timer devices to some lights around the house and maybe even plug in a radio to one so that there are lights and noise coming from the property at various intervals throughout the day.

Make sure that you cancel any deliveries for when you are away and also tidy up the garden and the garbage so that anyone checking your property out would not suspect from the outside appearance that you are away.

If you are going away in the winter months and the weather is particularly cold, you might want to consider turning off the water supply to the property while you are on vacation as burst pipes frequently seem to happen when the property is empty, meaning that a lot of damage can be caused because no one is there to stop the flow of water.

There are plenty of ways you can ensure that you are family are kept safe while you are traveling and if you make sure that you pack everything you need whilst also taking steps to protect the house too, then you should enjoy a trouble-free vacation and return to a property in the same state as you left it.

Edward Barrington is an insurance agent. He loves to share tips for how to avoid needing the use of insurance on family and consumer blogs.