October, 2012

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How to Pick the Right Lawn Mower

At one time, if people wanted to cut their grass, they had to do it by hand with shears. Fortunately, lawnmowers were finally invented, but even the first of these were not the most user friendly. The first mowers were extremely heavy, and the person using the mower did not have the luxury of it being self propelled. Today, lawn mowers come with many different options, such as gas or electric, different blade sizes, and people can even purchase a riding mower. When it comes to choosing the right lawn mower, people need to evaluate a few things about their property.

Property Size

Most people do not enjoy mowing their lawn, so they are looking to do it as quickly as possible. For this reason, anyone who owns a larger property will likely want to purchase a riding lawn mower, which will offer them a couple of advantages. First of all, a riding mower will move and cut the grass faster than most people will be able to push a mower for a given amount of time. The other main advantage is that riding mowers will typically feature a larger cutting diameter, which means they might be able to cut an area of grass that is wider than what a push mower could mow in the same path. Riding mowers can also be a good option for smaller properties, but people need to carefully consider how much time they will save in comparison to the higher cost associated with the purchase of a riding mower. If people can mow their lawn with a push mower in less than an hour, they probably will not want to invest extra money in a rider.


The other thing that people need to consider when deciding between a push or riding mower are the obstacles on their property. While riding mowers can take wider paths and move faster, it can be a huge pain to try and navigate around trees and alongside fences. No one wants to end up getting a piece of chain link fence stuck in their mower because it could result in serious injury, and it will definitely causes some damage to at least the mower’s blade. If people have a property big enough that demands a riding mower, but they also have a lot of obstacles to work around, they will likely want to have a cheap push mower that is reliable enough to mow the smaller patches.

Once people have evaluated the size of their property and how difficult it is to maneuver around different obstacles, they will need to make a few decisions about which mower they will buy. Customers will have the choice between a push mower or a riding mower, but they will also need to consider what size of blade they want their mower to have. Once people find the mower that is perfect for their needs, they will find that the mowing process will go a lot quicker, and it might be more enjoyable.

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Jamie is a gardening enthusiast who loves to work with clients on their backyard facelift projects in Brisbane homes. His dad also owns a Brisbane landscaping business. Like most other Aussies, Jamie loves to spend his weekends in the backyard with his beautiful wife, three boys and a golden retriever.