May, 2012

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Home and Garden Security Lighting

Security lights for the home and garden are not limited to the standard two bulb motion sensor security lights. Solar technology has advanced to provide brighter light output with longer operating times. Motion sensing solar lights exist that preserve the charge for use only when movement is detected. Low voltage lighting is easy to install and is a staple lighting product used in landscaping., the leading provider of light fixtures in the UK, has the best home and garden security lighting fixtures and much more.

Make a Lighting Plan First

Outdoor home lighting for security and visual appeal should be drawn up on paper first. Draw a rough blueprint style sketch of the property, buildings and landscape features. Trees and other objects can obscure intended light paths. To avoid the need to have household current electrical cables professionally installed, use low voltage or solar lights. Minimize shadows for pathways and stairs that are to be illuminated. Fortunately it does not take much wattage to sufficiently light areas and objects at night.

Specific Security Lighting Considerations

Though paths and stairs can be illuminated very well with low voltage or solar lighting, it is important to have some standard high wattage floodlights close to the house, the garage and outbuildings. Old floodlight fixtures may only need to have the correct bulbs installed and be re-aimed. Sometimes a spotlight is inadvertently used where a floodlight bulb is needed. Fixtures may also never have been properly aimed. This could save a significant amount that can be added to the rest of the lighting budget.

Draw up a plan on paper first to see exactly what is needed. Then proceed in a methodical and logical manner. Do not forget that low voltage and solar lights may appear dim at a store display but will be bright at night. Use the correct bulbs for existing fixtures and consider adjusting their positions before deciding to replace them.

The Advantages of a Greenhouse

Wintertime is not a favorable time for most plants since most of them are not getting sufficient sunlight. At the same time, plants tend to wither and die in the process due to extreme cold temperature. This is where utilizing a greenhouse can be effective. A greenhouse is a structure that is often covered with various materials such as a plastic or glass proof.

Greenhouse at Home

The great thing about greenhouses is that they easily heat up since solar radiation goes through the glass and in turn nourishes the plants. Since they are inside this structure, they are protected from the harsh weather, especially during winter season. The warm air is retained within the structure due to the heat of surfaces inside. On the other hand, the plants as well as the structure redistribute a portion of their thermal energy throughout the place. Since the glass is partly opaque, the energy generated is then trapped within the confines of the greenhouse, keeping the plants warm.

Since the greenhouse offers a lot of space, you can always put your plants inside. You can even grow exotic plants in your greenhouse. It has so many advantages and having near your outdoor garden can be very helpful especially when the colder months come.

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Things You Should Know About House Cleaning Service

Keeping your house clean is important. Not only does it keep your family safe from unwanted infection but it also reflects the character of the people who live inside the house. However, there would be those situations wherein finding time to clean the house could be very difficult due to numerous commitments. And this is where employing house cleaning service becomes beneficial to you.

Though professional cleaning service can sometimes be costly, you are reassured that the job will get done. There are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when employing koti sopimussiivous Helsinki services. The first is that their rate depends on how big the house is. Do not expect that the price for cleaning your standard cabin is also the same when it comes to cleaning mansions. The price may also vary depending on how often you clean your house. The number of people and pets also affect the rate of the service that they provide.

Larger house cleaning companies often have a formula that they follow while smaller ones may have a different method of doing so. Normally, cleaning companies charge about seventy five dollars or so per hour though again, may not be same in different locations such as house cleaning in finland. You also have the option to have them clean your house in a regular basis in which case you may be given the option of paying a fixed amount per visit. This can either be a weekly service, a bi-weekly service, and even a bi-monthly service.

House cleaning service includes the following but is not limited to vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing counter tops, sinks, hood over the stove, and the floors. But do not expect that they would also include cleaning the dishes and picking up objects to put them back where they were. Those are the things that you should do before they actually clean your house.

House Cleaning - Furniture

Some of their services may also include changing the bed linen, loading dishwashers, and many more using their very own tools. On the other hand, cleaning the refrigerator, the windows, the walls, are often not included and may cost more. Even dusting blinds may cost an additional fee. It is important that you are aware of all these facts so that in case you decide to hire people to clean your house, you know what to expect.

Decorating Your Garden Without Spending as Much

Decorating your garden adds character and color to it. Though there is nothing wrong in just keeping your garden as it is without much decoration, adding more to it can occasionally impress guests. Remember, people sometimes tend to associate how clean and decorative a place is to the person who owns them. This also tells them if the person is creative and or someone who cares about impressions.

However, you do not need to spend much when you are decorating your garden. There are alternatives available which you can definitely go for if you are concerned about your budget. One of the first things that you may consider is putting some candle lighting in your garden. Not only does it brighten up the mood in your garden, it also adds some romantic atmosphere to it. Furthermore, supplies of candles can last for a month. And this keeps you from paying more towards electricity since you are utilizing candles rather than light bulbs in your garden. You can never go wrong as well with using scented candles.

Elegant Garden Torches by

Elegant Garden Torches by

There is also the option of utilizing standing torches. Like candles, this helps you save electricity. You easily purchase these from any garden store nearby and the oil to keep them burning is also affordable. You can also go for rice lamps. Rice lamps are popular in Asia and you can hang them on the branches of trees or any high structure. Not only do they illuminate your garden well but it also gives that fresh atmosphere in your garden.

You also have the option of checking various products online. Some shops online may offer you discounts and bundles which can be very affordable for you. Remember, your garden should not only be that stereotypical garden but rather, it should be a place which also represents a part of your character.

British Gas Is Making Energy Easier To Understand

Few people understand how the prices for their business gas and electricity are decided upon. Wholesale prices are worked out according to supply and demand and the worldwide fuel costs alongside fuel availability further dictates the amount UK businesses pay per unit for their electricity.

Many businessmen and businesswomen are similarly confused about billing. There is a variety of different discounts available subject to status, different tariffs, varying amounts of charges to be paid such as the climate change levy (CCL) and more. When trying to run a business an owner does not have time to learn the lingo or fathom out the answers to the questions that commonly come up.

British Gas is aware of the need for transparency and work hard to ensure that all customers can discuss any energy related query with their dedicated account manager who will in turn be able to expect all aspects of their energy accounts.

Fortunately it is also possible to manage your account online and the information needed to answer the majority of the common energy related questions can be easily found on the British Gas Business website and account pages. British Gas believes that everyone should be able to understand not only what they are paying and why, but that they should also be given clear information about their accounts in order to make the changes that are required to reduce their electricity bills.