December, 2011

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BC Bloggers in the House!

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DIY: Create Your Own Christmas Tree

It is just a couple of days before Christmas Eve and you should already have your Christmas decorations prepared. Now, in case you find yourself a bit left behind due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances then do not despair. There are still alternatives that can definitely help you keep up with your Christmas decorations. This works well especially if you are on a tight budget and you do not have the luxury of time due to other commitments.

DIY Christmas Tree

Design your Christmas tree!

Though Christmas trees usually are kept inside your home, you have the option to have a unique take. You can simply place it outside your house! Not only is this a new way of having your Christmas tree but the snows which will fall on it will add on the decoration! Crafting your do-it-yourself Christmas tree would require a bit of effort on your part but then again it is worth it.

Just buy a pack of extra hard construction paper or cardboard and then put two sheets of it together. After doing so, draw the shape of a Christmas tree on it using a thick lead pencil. Use a pen knife to smoothly cut the marked lines. You should have two pine tree-shaped cardboards with similar dimensions. Once you are done, assemble it. Just cut a small space that will serve as a slot on top of the board and another at the bottom of the second board. You can fit the two boards together which will appear as a three dimensional tree.

From here, you can simply design your DIY Christmas tree that you really desire. This will definitely help you catch up with the coming holidays in case you are running behind for your Christmas preparations. This will definitely work fine.